Alpha Mark’s CFO Services


expert financial advisor

Alpha Mark helps you accelerate your Business’s evaluation and exit on your own terms. Our experts will help you maximize your transferable business value and create plan for your next step.

accountant, controller

Alpha Mark ensures the success of your business by forecasting. We perform a deep and thorough financial analysis to make sure that timely decisions can be made.

CFO in Utah

Alpha Mark’s brilliant team will help you convert your business’s retained earnings into capital so that your business can open its doors to new opportunities.

Governance & Compliance

Alpha Mark helps your business one of its core components – Governance and Compliance to ensure that your company remains on track and performs optimally.

Merger and Acquisition

With Alpha Mark’s pre and post-Merger and Acquisition services, you won’t have to worry about your business’s transition. We make sure that your business’s merging is seamless.

Product Pricing

Alpha Marks ensures that you remain ahead of your competition. We establish the perfect price for your product or service to maximize your business's profit.


Accounting Software Implementation

Alpha Mark offers you the perfect blend of accounting and technology for your business. We help your business cut close time and improve productivity so that it can perform optimally.


Alpha Mark’s cash flow tracking lets you control your business’s spending and finances so that you can work towards your financial goals in a better way.

Cash Flow Forecasts

With Alpha Mark’s you can know your business's estimate and learn about its future financial position and devise a sound strategy.

Financial Visibility/ Dashboards

With the help of the latest financial analysis tools, Alpha Mark increases your company's transparency and identifies its financial data and performance indicators.

Internal Controls/ Processes

With Alpha Mark’s internal controls/ processes, you can control the management, increase assurance, and reduce your business's compliance costs.

Month End Close

With our Month End Close reports, you can reach your deadlines, improve team collaboration and also plan for your business.

Staff Accountant

Accounts Payable

Alpha Mark is your one-stop solution for making all your business’s payments. We make bill payments easy and efficient, so your balance sheet isn’t disturbed.

Accounts Receivable

Ensure on-time payments with Alpha Mark’s bookkeeping services. From bank reconciliation to financial analysis to an error-free balance sheet, we take care of everything.

Billing and Invoicing

Alpha Mark’s bookkeeping services, billing and invoicing make sure that you get paid on time, and your clients get the invoices and mails regularly.

Cut Checks

Alpha Mark offers you one-of-a-kind payment processing with which you can write checks online, process payments, get invoices and mails easily.

Journal Entries/ GL

Alpha Mark’s bookkeeping services and automated journal entry can save your valuable time by minimizing manual intervention and prevent errors and fraud.

Reconcile Bank Accounts

With Alpha Mark’s bank accounts reconciliation, you can detect transfer errors, track fees and penalties, spot fraudulent transactions and keep track of your account.